Authentically is a language analysis tool that will help journalists understand and improve their word choices in real time. Under development by the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology, Authentically is intended to flag potentially biased language and help newsrooms better reflect the communities they serve.

How it Works

Journalists believe they know exactly the right words to tell a story. But do they? Do the words they choose match the experiences of their audiences? Or are they creating disconnections that damage trust?

Authentically will use computational linguistics and natural-language processing to hold up a mirror to the language we use. It provides actual data, rather than relying on our “gut” about whether the words we choose are the best ones.

Currently being developed as a website, the goal is to build Authentically as an app or web extension that can allow journalists to analyze their word choices as they write. The intended outcome is enhanced transparency and trust in news coverage.

Who Can Use It?

Authentically will be designed as an easy and intuitive tool that can be used by anyone in a communication role, including:

  • Local newsrooms
  • Independent news organizations
  • Freelance journalists
  • Student newsrooms
  • Public relations and advertising writers
Contact Us

If you are interested in knowing more about Authentically and how you can support its development, contact Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology Managing Director Janet Coats.