We're Hiring

Two new faculty positions dedicated to working
on artificial intelligence and trust

 The UF College of Journalism and Communications is looking for two new faculty members who will work with the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology to conduct research at the intersection of artificial intelligence and trust.

The faculty positions are part of the University of Florida’s long-term AI initiative combining world-class research infrastructure, cutting-edge research and a transformational approach to curriculum.

The two tenure-track faculty members will be based at the Consortium. Their research will fuel the Consortium’s efforts to better understand the ways AI spreads disinformation and look for ways to use AI as a solution in the fight to rebuild trusted communications.

One faculty member will focus on AI and journalism, and one will work on issues of AI in strategic communication.

To learn more, check out the job posting here: https://facultyjobs.hr.ufl.edu/posting/95121